All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.

Follow my feet, dancing dream-like over the snow,
What are you, blind, Didn’t your mama teach you,
People who waltz, fall in love — It isn’t fire insurance but,
Dancing in moonlight gives it a shove,

Follow my wings, chasing snowbirds over the moon,
Sing as/when they sing — my darling, oh, I will come and teach you,
People who fly find their dreams — The view from land is deceiving and,
Your rainbow isn’t as far as it seems.

Follow my hands tracing angels on your face,
Do as they do — paint some starlight in my eyes, ’cause,
People who paint kindle flames — The colors never stay the same,

Blue of river, fountain of pain
Silver forevers and gold for the sun, green for the road,
Except when it snows …

Why don’t you dance, what? You don’t like dancing in thirty-below,
Well, I’ll let it go this time, didn’t your mama,
or some other woman teach you,

People who waltz fall in love,
People who fly find their dreams,
And if it should snow; If it should snow; If it should snow….. Well,
Na na na na na (repeat)

©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.