Aces and Angels


All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

For Helen Richardson, who sees lightning everywhere

1. Six months on the road, a few lifetimes in jail,
Crimes of the heart,
Seventeen miles straight down, I could reform,
But where would I start?
And when I look up through the glass of time
I can see lightning and I’m
So grateful the stars are shinin’ tonight
For you, my sweet angel

CHORUS. Aces have kept me chasing the road
Hooked on fool’s gold, stupid and broke,
Where would I be, God only knows,
If not for angels.

2. They say it’s too late, when the gun’s in your hand,
To shoot at the wall,
And when you’ve drawn a bead between a man’s eyes,
He’s destined to fall,
But I’ve laid hands on the heart inside,
My friend, when you stand by my side,
My hands fill with stars, they fall in the night,
Spillin’ diamonds on angels.


3. So stick a rose in your teeth, put on your best shoes
And dance until dawn,
When you’ve ravished the ladies,
They won’t finger you later, by what you had on;
And wherever you go, leave some bread and wine,
The lucky will guide you through time,
Look up at the stars, there’s a million tonight,
And the road’s full of angels.


©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.