Shot Through the Heart

All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

A jam-packed dance floor at two in the morning,
She held him and kissed him and he sank like a stone,
Now he’s been missin’ since Saturday night,
They all saw the crime but nobody’s home,


He was shot through the heart, nothing could save him
Shot through the heart, boy don’t you know,
You can pick your target, aim what you got,
They’ll all say the sucker went down like a pro.

A sleepy sermon at nine in the mornin’
He kissed her in the choir and she swooned into shock,
The con-gre-gation saw him set her on fire,
They know where the victim is, but no one will talk,


She was …


Headin’ for heartbreak, and drivin’ too fast,
Married in Vegas but they say you won’t last,
Your face is on every Post Office wall,
Wavin’ that gun around, and winner take all …

A quiet cafe, espresso and perfume,
An uptown woman and a waiter in jeans,
She’s wearin’ silk, and he’s smokin’ stogies,
But they’re both packin’ metal and you know what that means,


They’ll be …

And you’ll be shot through the heart, Nothing will save you,
Shot through the heart, boy don’t you know,
Love will hunt you, take you to heaven,
They’ll all say, “Kid, you went down like a pro!”
“Hey, good lookin’ you went down like a pro!”

©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.