About Eve Rantzer

Eve Rantzer writes and sings songs about the grit and inspiration within us. Hailing from New York City, she’s a pianist and guitarist who studied writing with U.S. Poet Laureate Mark Strand.

Her composing and vocal styles are all her own, born of her urban background in symphonic, jazz, rhythm & blues, gospel, and rock’n’roll music.

Double Indemnity, Eve’s first CD of original songs, can be heard on WXPN-FM Philadelphia and other independent U.S. stations.

Six songs from the CD were chosen as Round-One Judges’ Selections in the International Songwriters Competition.

Eve writes songs about — and from — the strength and inspiration within us which give us joy and grit, and therefore Life. She says to achieve this you must risk everything and then you’ll discover the diamonds within you that could never have been mined any other way.

Eve has also created musical scores for a university film department.


“An urban country sound that suits her voice well … well-crafted songwriting … The music speaks for itself.” — Royal Jam USA

“A vision and suggestion of what the world is all about … unique …” — Taxi

“Eve Rantzer Rocks! Compelling, soulful, intense, passionate, a fabulous CD.” — Chris Carpenter

Seen at:

  • Heritage Dance Festival
  • New England Folk Festival
  • Philadelphia Ceili Festival
  • The Minstrel Coffee House
  • Ofra’s Living Room
  • The Perimeter
  • Philadelphia Folk Festival