My Rocky Good-Bye

All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

Love fades like a childhood friend,
When you’ve been away too long,
I’m a long way from the latest news,
Haven’t I heard, my best friend’s got a man,
But she don’t call me anymore,
New York don’t need to have my song.

Not sorry that I grew up,
Does leavin’ always mean the end,
If I’d known then that I’d lose her, too,
I would have held her one last time,
Wrapped her in a lullabye,
But I’d still have left that no-man’s land.


City you dance in my feet,
My soul’s on the street, still, sometimes,
My crowd or so I used to say,
Till I moved away, The first to be flying,
That sin, to be trying,
It’s like a disease or a crime;

Change comes like the early dawn,
Fragrant, and full — and cold;
I’m a long way from where I was born;
But I don’t think it’s really;

No, I don’t think I will again;
Never, never,
Ever, ever
Call it home.

©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.