When We Love

All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

Take a man, break his pride,
Take his work, take his hands, he’d still die bonafide
Sacred blood
Take a girl, sell her shoes
Lock her out on the street, make her beg, she’d still choose
When she loves

Oh, when we love,
Yes, when we love
When we stay close, we can bring God to his knees,
We hold Jerusalem, the sun begs forgiveness
When we love, the universe sings our names

Stuck in traffic, late again,
Sometimes this world’s just some rich prick drivin’ a Lexus
Precious cost. Crying wolf, stealing home,
Lost at sea, riding shotgun in time,
In the nexus of longing, the vortex of lonliness, even some angels get lost.
But in hardship and friends, we are golden in time,
With noble intent, we command magic;


Paranoid, paralyzed,
Questioned closely, set up for indictment
We trust no one, colder and colder it gets
As places to hide disappear;
Habitats, holy ground
Where is home, I’ve been homeless so long
Except for the fire in somebody’s hearth
From a time when family was near;
But when I was loved, I could walk through a war
I could steer by the stars, I could make magic;


Uri Geller can’t make that kind of magic;
Penn & Teller can’t do it
Not Merlin, or Arthur, or Gandolf, or God
Can summon the power and light —

Of a kid on a bus, knockin’ feet with some kid,
Summarizing their day, science of basketball,
And liars and kings, actors and cops
Teachers and thieves, we are all fishermen,
Lunatics all, touching souls in a storm,
Take me where you were warm, The place you made magic,
And when we — refrain from self-aggrandizement & aggravated assault
And stand by our friends, with our backs to the wall,
The Universe sings our names,

Compassion is Grace, It brings God to his knees
The sun begs forgiveness, the universe sings our names…

©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.