A Stone from the Ashes

All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer

If you cared –
You could have the key to the city that beats inside of me
If you dared –
You would stay the night, learn the language of fire,

Were you brave –
When you took your coat, with a trite line, a recent quote,
You’re a slave –
To your limousines, and you kiss like a twopenny liar.


I – I – I’ve died in the crashes of –
Interaction on a long-term basis, the burned-out stasis,
Drowned in the flashes of love, oh oh,

I – I – I’ve left all the glory, the inside story
Behind young desire, hands in the fire,
Take a stone from the ashes of love.

Try trust – someone genuine,
But you’re late for dinner and you’re out of time,
Don’t touch –
You might muss your hair, you might learn the language of fire,

Play your trump – What you always use,
When the dealer’s watching, you have to move,
When you jump –
Your epitaph will read “He lived like a twopenny liar.”


©Rantzer Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.